The Uncommon Yogi: A History of Blacks & Yoga in the U.S.

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We Sit Tall!


To master the art of yoga asana is to sit in meditation with a firm body, a steady mind, and an open heart.

We Stand Tall!


Be strong then, and enter into your own body; There you have a solid place for your feet.

We are Tall!


Without beginning or ending, our original wisdom has been shining forever, like the sun.


Mina says:


I had heard yoga can be beneficial for pregnancy.  The Yoga/Doula Services provided throughout my pregnancy  and during labor and delivery made my experience easier compared to my other births which were by cesarean.  Within and hour of  my birthing coach showing up to the hospital, to do what she does best, my almost 10 lb daughter was delivered through natural means.   Having a skilled coach by my side empowered me to a greater level than I could have imagined.  If you are embarking on this journey, I highly recommend this 

Doula, YogaMama .


Cynthia says


Cynthia Thomas; College Park, Georgia

I love these yoga-inspired retreats! 

My church group and I are left feeling centered and balanced.  YOTM books great hotels and fun things to do; and made two dinner reservations for our group! I have peace of mind knowing our trips are always taken care of. Thanks for the hospitality and great service, Yoga On The Move! 


LaGail says:


I had always wanted to be a certified yoga instructor, but could never afford the cost nor carve out time.  I am so grateful to have been led to the "right" school at the "right" time in my life.  My children are grown and I am at a point of "semi retirement" as a self employed NMTherapist.  The payments are an affordable amount that I can pay monthly.

A whole new world of possibilities have arisen in my awareness, as a result of taking this training.  Now, for the last six months, I am getting stronger both physically and mentally.  I am also experiencing more clarity; and feel emotionally calmer.

LaGail Adams; Macon, Georgia